Friday, October 3, 2014

Helping One of Our Own

As a fandom, we have shown over and over that, when there is someone or something that we care about, we will rise up and stand behind them, put our collective strength behind them. When we are needed, we stand together behind our own.The call for that collective strength is being made again.

On July 20th, Christy Pellicano -known to many as DeansHoneyBear- lost her husband, Daniel, after a brief but extremely intense battle with Cancer. During the course of Daniel's illness, Christy's heart was breaking, but her strength was unchallenged. In addition to being chief medical consultant, transportation provider and morale officer throughout, Christy never let her first and foremost role as Danny's mom falter, making sure that Danny got to spend all the time possible with his dad.

The willing sacrifices that Christy made did not come free, however. Medical bills have piled up. Every day expenses continue to be due. And Danny continues to need the things growing boys need, especially with school starting up again.

How Can I Help?

We are asking for you to donate. We are taking up the collection plate, as it were. Funds are being collected via Paypal to be given in total to Christy and Danny to be used for whatever they need. Medical bills, mortgage, school supplies- whatever need is most pressing.

But, it is a Fandom Gives Back. And we want to thank you for supporting Christy and Danny. So, in exchange for your generosity, you get a gift; a compilation of specially donated pieces by some of the great authors we get to claim for our own. Bornonhalloween, Sarge's Girls, SexiLexiCullen, Tufano, Dishie and more; the list continues to grow. Check back here to see who else has been added.

A donation of $10 or more will get you in on the action.

How Long Do I Have?

The collection drive closes at 9pm EST on Tuesday, September 30th. Donations of $10 or more made by the cutoff will be confirmed through Paypal and then all contributors will receive the compilation PDF via email on Friday, October 3rd.

How Do I Donate?


Any Questions?

Feel free to email the FGB4Christy team at

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