Saturday, September 20, 2014

Author Tease ~ RobstenLover93

Separate Paths


Tanya Denali, once turned Tanya Cullen, has been refusing to sign the divorce papers I shoved in her face over a year ago. My lawyer and I have been fighting desperately for her to sign the papers, but every time she has the time, she flies off to some foreign country and we don’t hear from her for a month before she comes back to the U.S.

“Is Amelia with mom?” Emmett asked.

That’s another thing. Tanya has left me and our daughter. Amelia is four years old and a spitting image of me, right up to her hair always being a mess. Tanya had cared when she was pregnant with her but when Amelia was born, Tanya lost all of her love toward her daughter.

Amelia has me wrapped around her finger; everything she wants, she gets.

“No. She’s with Alice,” I said.
Emmett rolled his eyes.

“Shocker. Did Alice take her shopping?” he asked.

“You know it. Preschool starts soon, so she needs to have the best clothes there. I mean, they’re four. What do they really need?” I asked.

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