Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Author Tease ~ Tufano

Return of the Nerds: Twentieth High School Reunion, an ANSOL Outtake

By Tufano

“I’m going to get the mail. I saw the truck by the neighbor’s,” Edward said as he kissed Bella’s cheek. She nodded, snuggling into his arms for a few moments. With a light smack to Bella’s behind, Edward strolled out of the house and down the driveway. The mail truck was pulling away from the mailbox. Reaching inside, Edward grabbed the pile of mail, varying from bills to advertisements.

Nestled in between a credit card bill and a Costco circular, Edward saw a white envelope with a handwritten address on it. The handwriting was obviously female with the frills and loops. Plucking the envelope out of the pile, he noticed an emblem on the corner.

Bradley High School: Home of the Fighting Mustangs!

Edward shuddered. High school…the bane of my existence. He wanted to just throw the letter into the trash, but he just jammed it back between the bills. High school was not something that Edward ever wanted to relive. He was stuffed in more lockers than he could count, teased relentlessly by his peers and by his own brother, and just downright miserable during those four years. His only solace was the fact that his grades ensured him admittance to any college of his choice and that he would never have to see the assholes he went to school with ever again.

He didn’t go to his ten year high school reunion. His pain from his daily torture was too close. Alice tried to convince him to go, but he bowed out. His twin sister showed him numerous pictures of how fun the reunion was and how much people had changed, physically and otherwise, but it didn’t interest him. Keeping up with his job and tweaking the software programs he created were his main goals in life before he met Bella.

Life exploded, in a good way, when he happened to chat with ‘ARomanticatHeart86’ about their mutual dislike of sampled music. It was the best decision of his life when he started talking with her and every great moment in his life came from being with Bella, his ‘romantic at heart.’ He shared his first everything with her. First hug with a girl that wasn’t his mother or sister, first kiss, first hand job, first blow job (followed by a concussion from falling out of a hot tub), and first time making love. Nothing else mattered before Bella. Certainly not the assholes he went to school with at Bradley High School.

“Anything good?” Bella asked from the kitchen. She was chopping veggies for a stir fry.

“Bills,” Edward snorted. “There’s a special at Costco for Diet Dr. Pepper.” He tossed the Costco circular on the counter.

“Oooh…we have to pick some up,” she said, swiping the ad and putting it on the counter with the grocery list. “Thanks, angel.” Bella rifled through the pile of mail, stopping at the envelope with the mustang logo on it. “What’s this?”

“Probably nothing,” Edward muttered, burying his head in the fridge, looking for anything to avoid the impending conversation.

“It’s your twentieth high school reunion,” Bella tittered. “Your class is buying some mustang statue for the courtyard and it’s being dedicated during the homecoming game. Not to mention, your reunion itself is at the W Chicago Lakeshore. We should go, Edward.”

He groaned inwardly. Edward would rather have a root canal without any sort of nerve blocking agent than go to the damn reunion. “I don’t think so, Bella. These are the people who showed me how much of a dork I was. High school was total hell for me. Why would I go back to a place that I try so hard to forget? You know?”

“To show them that you’re hot, smart and a gazillionaire,” she quipped, walking over to me and snaking her arms around my waist. “Those assholes you went to high school with only saw the exterior, Edward.”

“Bella, I was a hot mess when I was in high school. Thick, Coke bottle glasses, pleated khakis with button down shirts and ties, scrawny, bad, horrible acne, braces…the epitome of nerd,” Edward grumbled miserably. “It was a never ending nightmare. I can’t face those people and possibly relive their torment at this stupid reunion.”

“Angel, you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.” Bella walked over to her husband and ran her fingers up his muscled torso. “You are no longer that scrawny, glasses-wearing nerd with zits and a metal mouth. You are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. You are a married father of four with a sexy wife.” Edward snorted out a laugh, kissing Bella softly at that.
“You are amazing, baby. Every day, I find something else that I adore about you. We should go so you can show those hateful monsters that you are not the same man, same boy you were in high school.”

“I don’t know…” Edward trailed off.

“If anything, perhaps this can entice you? A weekend away?” Bella purred, her fingers finding his soft hair. “I love our children, but we need to reconnect. I know that I’ve been pushing you away. It’s because I’m dealing with my own insecurities with the baby weight.”

“Bella, you’re gorgeous,” Edward smiled, his arms wrapping around her slender waist and pulling her between his legs.

“Thank you, but I’m still feeling like a beached whale,” she quipped. “Felix has helped and I want a goal to work for. A weekend in the city, going to your high school homecoming football game, the dedication of the mustang and the reunion itself sounds like an achievable goal. And let’s not forget the real carrot…a night, in a hotel room, sans children, where we can fuck each other like bunny rabbits like old times.” Bella’s hand grazed his crotch, massaging his impressive, but flaccid cock. “I’ve missed this. I love our children. They are my world. I need you like the air I breathe.” Her lips found Edward’s earlobe, nibbling on it gently. “What do you say, angel?”

Whether it was the blood rushing from his head or the promise of a weekend of uninterrupted sleep, Edward choked out, “Sign me up.”

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