Friday, September 26, 2014

Author Tease ~ TwiAddictAnne

Just Got Prescribed

By TwiAddictAnne

I let the door squeak shut behind me and asked in a level voice, “Bella? What are you doing here?”

“Oh, hey, baby. I’m just helping Victoria out. Did you need anything?” she responded with a bright smile on her face.

I casually walked toward the ladder she was standing on and stood next to the base, ready to catch her if she slipped. “Just you in my arms,” I said.

She giggled lightly and started to descend the steps. “You’re such a cheese ball!”

I threw a smile at her and shrugged. “Yet you love my cheesy ass, Mrs. Cullen.” I hoped like hell that she couldn’t sense the panic running through me at the moment.

“Can you blame a girl when your ass is so sexy, Dr. Cullen?” She grins at me as she steps down from the ladder and I carefully let out the breath I had been holding.

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